Unique Uses for Wright’s Silver Cream

You can use Wright’s Silver Cream to polish and shine more than just your jewelry and silverware. Our gentle polish can add luster to a wide variety of household items. Here are some unique uses for Wrights Silver Cream:

Motorcycles & Cars

If you care about how your motorcycle or car looks, then Wrights Silver Cream is the perfect tool for you. It’s great at removing tarnish and leaving a bright, beautiful finish. Try it on rims, exhaust pipes, grills and exposed engine parts.

You can even remove the haze from car head lamps quickly and easily.

Metal Appliances and Kitchen Accents

A variety of metals are used as decorative accents or on appliances, and they can get smudged, streaky or dull. A bit of silver cream rubbed to a lather and rinsed off will help your kitchen truly shine.


Keep the gauges, wind shield and accents clear and shining. Plus, you can help prevent tarnish and rust on areas exposed to water, including the motor blades.

Fishing Lures

Keep your blades and spinners shining their brightest to attract fish by polishing them with Wrights Silver Cream.


For extra shine to your backsplash, sink or even your porcelain throne use Wright’s Silver Cream to clean and polish your porcelain.

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