Caring for Premium Silverware

Using fine silver can add elegance and beauty to an event or meal. But only if your silver looks it’s best. Here’s our tips for keeping silver polished and shining:

Day-to-Day Cleaning and Polishing

The best care for your silver is frequent use and washing. Your silver will develop a glowing patina, the soft luster that comes with age and use. If you use your silverware regularly, expect to polish it a few times a year. Polish when tarnish is a light gold color.

Do not soak fine silverware overnight or for prolonged period. Avoid contact with aluminum, stainless steel, or other metals since an adverse reaction between the metals could damage your silver.

Deep Cleaning Silver

If you wish to clean the deep crevices of your silver, use a cotton swab (never use steel wool) with Wright’s Silver Polish. Even the softest brush may scratch, so be sure to re-polish the raised areas with a soft applicator and our silver cream.

Common Mistakes in Caring for Fine Silverware

We do not recommend regular dishwasher use for your fine silver as it can damage the finish. Wash by hand as you would your fine crystal and china. If you do use the dishwasher, separate silver from stainless, keep detergent to a minimum, remove silver before the drying cycle, and dry by hand to avoid spotting.

Never use bleach with your silver. It will quickly tarnish silver.

By following these tips and giving your silverware the occasional polish, it will be ready to shine the next time you need it.

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